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Leno Plus

The Leno Plus terrace boardhas a similar structureto the Lenoboard. The main difference is that the surface features an additional colour(subtle black tint). This additional colour makes the terrace surface look even more realistic. Also, dirt from pollen and other common contaminants is less noticeable due to the different gradation of the colours. Even the usual contamination by pollen and the like are less visible due to the different gradations of colors. In short: the SunDeck Leno Plus is just as robust as Leno, but its appearance makes it a little less sensitive to everyday life.

icon naturholzoptik - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Board design in the look of old wooden floors

icon wetterfest - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

High weather resistance (sun, rain, frost, snow)

icon formstabil langlebig - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Non-warp and strong

icon antirutsch - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Non-slip surface

icon splitterfrei - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


icon nahezu wartungsfrei - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Almost maintenance-free

icon mit wasser abspuelen - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Simply rinse with water

icon umweltfreundlich - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Environmentally friendly & recyclable

icon garantie 25jahre - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/

Up to 25 years warranty

Leno Plus solid plank

Asethics of wood with a slight black tint

Dimensions and Properties

Cover width: approx. 142 mm with a joint of approx. 5 mm
Delivery length *: 4, 5, 6 m (raw cut)
Material requirement/m²: approx. 7 m
Height: 22 mm
Weight: 3.25 kg/m
leno plus
Terrace board Leno Plus 14
Leno Plus Fugenbreite - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/
Laying the Leno Plus 14 decking board with a 5 mm joint width

Colors and Surfaces

color ripening

T1: after assembly; T2: after 1-3 months; T3: after 5 months


Farbverlauf teak 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


Farbverlauf palisander 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


Farbverlauf merbau 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


Farbverlauf inox 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


Farbverlauf eben 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/


Farbverlauf cedar 3 - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-leno-plus_en/
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Checklist for terrace deckings
All the information you need to plan and assemble your terrace can be found here. Use our interactive checklist for a non-binding offer as part of your terrace planning .


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