Slats Supports

Key Benefits

  • Beech wood for optimal product properties
  • Development of various concepts for a range of ergonomic requirements
  • ISO 9001-certified production
  • Quality guaranteed by internal WERZALIT controls
  • Customer representatives across Europe and throughout the world
  • Secure supply and high availability
  • Decades of production experience
  • Individual development of new and specialised solutions
  • Consulting and development collaboration
  • Wide range of products and colors
Mature concepts for sound sleeping

WERZALIT support slats are made of moulded beech plywood. As a slowly growing hardwood, beech has proven itself for decades as an optimal material for support slats, particularly in matters of durability and service life. Working together with customers and suppliers, WERZALIT has developed various concepts that satisfy the fine points of ergonomic requirements.

Quality that proves itself

All production sites and the organisation are 9001-certified and subject to continuous controls. A well organised quality management system ensures that all statutory and quality-relevant parameters are complied with, such as with regard to formaldehyde emissions. Customers appreciate taking advantage of WERZALIT’s decades of experience for consulting on the development of new products. The cooperation extends far beyond a customer-supplier relationship, giving rise to lasting partnerships.

Layers of know-how

WERZALIT has its roots in wood processing. From the first provider of industrially manufactured support slats, we have now become the global market leader. Along the way, we accumulated over 50 years of experience. With two locations, in Germany and Romania, WERZALIT has the largest production capacity on the market and can manufacture up to 400,000 support slats per day.

Service a cut above

Contacts are available throughout Europe and around the world at our own offices and those of our sales representatives. Steady supply and high availability are ensured through extremely high manufacturing flexibility, short delivery times and a large production volume. Whether quality beech veneer or cork surfaces, decorative films, resinated or unfinished surfaces, completely sheathed for moisture protection, antiseptic properties, diverse textures, radii, widths, thicknesses and formats – there is nothing WERZALIT cannot do for you in the area of support slats. We are always interested in hearing your ideas. Speed and flexibility are key here as well. And naturally we support our customers by producing trade fair samples, prototypes and much more.

Dimensions and Properties

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