Customized window sills

Key Benefits

  • Sawing, Milling, Drilling
  • No material Waste, no-Risk of waste
  • ABS Edge Coating in Furniture Quality
  • Precise Executionin in the CNC Machining Center
  • Order as Needed
  • No Warehousing, No Capital Commitment
Customized window sills

Individual Processing in Professional Quality

WERZALIT supplies window sills cut to size on request – if necessary with corresponding notches, millings, etc. Choose from our exclusiv, compact and expona models, you pay for the quantities delivered and only pay a small surcharge. This saves you a lot of work, does not bear any risk of waste and delivers the best quality. WERZALIT is the only manufacturer to coat open cut edges in furniture quality for a small surcharge.

Individual and made to measure

Benefit from the unique WERZALIT window sill service. We take on the individual processing from cutting to coating. This saves work and money. In terms of delivery, the WERZALIT window sill service is tailored to your needs.

Delivery on Demand

Order as needed! You order exactly the required products and quantities – without unnecessary capital commitment in your Warehouse.

Our Express Delivery Service

With our express delivery service, we guarantee the dispatch of all WERZALIT window sills up to 2400 mm in length within 5 working days. The scope of services includes all variants of our machining services. The window sills are delivered ready for installation – even freight paid within Germany.