expona interior window sill


With the individual edge

Expona window sills offer a wide range of fine stone and warm wood decors. The effect of interiors can be designed with reduced resources. Sometimes classic, sometimes modern, sometimes reserved, sometimes leading the way. The proven shape edge is a trademark of WERZALIT quality

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Resistant to construction moisture

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Variety of decors and colours

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dimensionally stable and durable

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Scratch and impact resistant

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PEFC certified

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Up to 25 years warranty

Window sill made to measure

Cutting and processing
according to your wishes

Window sill in stock

Length: 6.000 mm
(without processing)

Window sill made to measure

Cutting and processing
according to your wishes

Window sill in stock

Length: 6.000 mm
(without processing)

The Interior Window Sill with the Clear Design

With the new expona interior window sill, WERZALIT is expanding its window sill range with a straightforward, modern design. Of course you get expona in original WERZALIT quality.

New Edge – New Look

Impressively simple, elegant and elegant, expona has all the prerequisites for a modern classic. The straight front edge with ABS edge coating in furniture quality characterizes the design of the expona interior window sill and opens up completely new design options: The front edge is available in the same decor as the surface, with contrasting decors or – brand new – in multiplex optics.

Individual Made-to-Measure Production

You get expona made to measure. We take care of the coating of the front and side edges as well as the cutting of width and length ex works. With its wide range of dimensions, expona can be used for very wide and deep window fronts.

Dimensions and Properties

expona draft measure - https://www.werzalit.com/en/expona-interior-window-sill/
Standard Lengths: 6000 mm
Width: 96, 146, 196, 246, 296,346, 396, 446, 496, 546 mm

Colors and Decors

Additional ABS edge decors for expona

Sample sending service

Difficult decision? Not with the free sample service from WERZALIT


Processing Service


Separating cuts

Longitudinal cut for mm-precise machining in width.

ABS Kantenbeschichtung - https://www.werzalit.com/en/expona-interior-window-sill/

ABS edge coating

Window sill finish made of 2 mm thick laminate in the usual furniture quality.

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Notches (Notch outside corner)

Notch outside corner


Notching centre

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Notch back edge

For an exact fit to the window lining strip.


Mitre cut

The right bevel for all situations.


Mitre joint with lamellas

Strong connection in the corner area.


Ventilation slots

Ventilation slots without insert.


Ventilation grille recess

Ideal for ventilation grilles on site.

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