S2 wood-polymer composite

Key Benefits

  • Wide design freedom
  • Broad colour pallet
  • Many shape options
  • Lifelike, natural look
  • High innovation potential
  • Durable and long-lasting
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The best of wood and plastic

The high-performance material S2 is a wood-polymer composite (WPC). It combines the best properties of both wood and plastic.

Both plastic and wood

S2 is dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and water-resistant with low swelling, has a high flexural strength and can be worked just like wood. In its hot state, S2 is fluid but exhibits significantly less pronounced creep behaviour than pure thermoplastics.

Infinite design possibilities

With S2, wood can be injection-moulded for the first time. The highly innovative material allows an unlimited range of shapes, such as flowing transitions and thin-walled structures. S2 offers extensive opportunities for surface design. The original matte fibre structure can be polished to a glossy sheen, laser-finished or laminated. It can also be brushed or stamped with textures. It is even possible to integrate dyes for a broad colour design palette.

For indoors and out

Thanks to its robustness and the limitless design possibilities, S2 is also very well suited for outdoor use. As terrace or façade profiles, for example, S2 offers an attractive look while remaining low-maintenance. It has also proven itself well in numerous products in the packaging, furniture and automotive industries. And the possibilities of S2 are far from exhausted.

Dimensions and Properties

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