Highly compressed, homogeneous material core
Building moisture resistant and dimensionally stable

integrated moulded edge, pressed in one piece
No peeling

multilayer melamine resin coating, inseparably fused with material core
Robust and UV-resistant

ABS edge coating in furniture quality possible at the factory
Seamless finish
Window sills from WERZALIT

The window sill from the specialist

Window sill


Window sill


Window sill


Window sill

exclusiv system

Window sill

compact system

The Original

Whether new building or renovation – window sills must always satisfy high physical requirements. Indoor window sills from WERZALIT are manufactured according to a patented process as high-pressure moulded parts. They are resistant to construction moisture, dimensionally stable and long-lasting. WERZALIT window sills stand for quality in all respects.

A View with Style

In interior design, selecting the right window sill is a matter of aesthetics. Whether you are looking for an unobtrusive room element or a pronounced accent, WERZALIT offers you a wide selection of shapes, decors and dimensions. You can choose between the window sill types exclusive, compact and expona.

Our Experience

WERZALIT window sills are made from PEFC-certified wood and high-quality resins. WERZALIT has over 50 years of experience in the production and use of moulded parts. This offers advantages for products when it comes to the selection of raw materials and in manufacturing.


Individual Processing in Professional Quality

WERZALIT delivers window sills cut to size on request – if necessary with corresponding notches, millings etc. You pay for the delivered quantities and pay only a small cut surcharge. This saves you a lot of work, does not bear any risk of waste and delivers the best quality. WERZALIT is the only manufacturer to coat open cut edges in furniture quality for a small surcharge.

  • Sawing, Milling, Drilling
  • No material Waste, no-Risk of waste
  • ABS Edge Coating in Furniture Quality
  • Precise Executionin in the CNC Machining Center
  • Order as Needed
  • No Warehousing, No Capital Commitment
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