Terrace decking Entero 2.0

Entero 2.0

As modern as it is natural in design

Entero 2.0 can be laied on both sides The profile side brossowith an embossed wood grain and the profile side solcowith classic grooves show a clear, pure design, emphasized by the natural colors. Like all WERZALIT PREMIUM-solid planks the entero 2.0 series is also durable, resistant and low-maintenance.


Profile can be laid on both sides


Non-warp and strong


Weatherproof, resistant to wood-destroying fungi and insects


Non-slip surface




Almost maintenance-free and easy to care for

The joint in detail

Drainage of the joint
entero fugenentwässerung
entero fugenentwässerung

Drainage and resilience

The special fastening technology guarantees drainage and static load-bearing capacity thanks to an invisible mounting bracket with flexible spacer wings. It ensures sufficient joint spacing even with maximum expansion and perfect surface drainage. The brosso surface even enables laying without a slope: water can drain off without any problems – perfect for swimming pool borders. We generally recommend laying with a slope; the grooved side solco can only be laid with a sufficient slope.

Mounting with mounting bracket
entero montageklammer
Joint spacing when mounting with mounting clamps
entero montageklammer
Joint spacing after maximum expansion

The joint that is closed and yet open

The entero 2.0 solid terrace profiles offer a unique feature. The tongue and groove system enables a visually closed terrace surface that reduces the growth of weeds. At the same time, the longitudinal joint serves as a concealed drainage joint.

Planning details

Checklist for terrace deckings

You can find all information on planning and installing your terrace here.

Use our interactive checklist for a non-binding offer as part of your terrace planning.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

Deck width: ca. 152 mm bei ca. 7 mm Fuge
Delivery length*: 3, 4, 5 m (Rohzuschnitt)
Material requirements/m²: ca. 6,58 m
Height: 22 mm
Weight: 3,6 kg/m
entero20 Fugenbreite - https://www.werzalit.com/en/terrassendiele-entero_en/
Fugenbreite entero 2.0