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Processing / service

Custom service


Profit from the unique WERZALIT window sill service. We handle the individual processing from cutting to coating. This saves you time and money. And the WERZALIT window sill service is happy to meet any of your needs with regard to delivery.

Key benefits at a glance:
Sawing, milling, drilling
No material scrap, no risk of faulty cuts
ABS edge sealing in furniture quality
Precise execution in our CNC processing centre
Order as needed
No storage, no tying up of capital

Individual, professional processing

If desired, WERZALIT can deliver fully cut window sills, including with notching or milled out sections, if required. You pay only for the delivered quantities as well as only a small cutting surcharge. This saves you extensive work, eliminates the risk of faulty cuts and ensures optimal quality. WERZALIT is the only manufacturer to offer sealing of open cut edges in furniture quality for a low additional charge.


Delivery as needed

Order as needed! You order exactly the products and quantities you need, without unnecessarily tying up capital in stored materials.

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