Clean lines

Key Benefits

  • Can be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in classic slip formwork
  • Large selection of colours and decor
  • Exceptional UV and weather resistance
  • Fast, economical installation
  • A complete range of accessories
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Excellent guarantee conditions
  • selekta aluminium profiles are non-flammable

selekta allows you to design exterior walls of homes with individuality and personality. The façade profiles offer almost unlimited design options.


WERZALIT offers an extensive range of corrosion-resistant accessories for the selekta façade profile that meet individual requirements with attractive detailed on-site solutions. They also offer large fastening distances of up to max. 625 mm, a ready-to-install tongue and groove connection system and pre-punched fastening slots for the façade screws for uncomplicated and quick installation and therefore great value for money.

Raw length 5500 mm, cover surface 5400 mm x 155 mm

6. selekta1

selekta aluminium

Selekta is also available as aluminium profiles. The profiles constitute non-combustible building materials and fall within building material class A1 (according to DIN 4102*) without proof.

Raw length 5480 mm, cover surface 5440 x 155 mm

8. selekta aluminium 1

selekta Uni

crystal white 815
816 cream white
cream white 816
817 light ivory
light ivory 817
822 windsor
windsor 822
818 light grey
light grey 818
grey 819
kensington grey 820
anthracite grey 821
balmoral 823
dark red 824
wine red 825
dark green 826
brawn 827
black brown 828

selekta Wood

oregon 829
oak natural 830
winchester 831
honey oak 832
soft cherry 833
macore 834
weissbach oak 835
mountain oak 836
siena PN 837
moor oak 838

selekta Aluminium

balau 159
dark cedar 154
mountain pine 161
african ebony 158
Initial and add-on profiles

Start profile N + F

Vertical starter profile

Start profile P

Ventilation profile

Edge end profile 2

Corner transitions

Connection profile F

Aluminium inner corner

Outer corner C

Aluminium outer corner profile

Butt Joints

Cover profile

Joint tape

Profile ends

Z-profile 1

Z-profile 2

Cover bracket 30/20

Horizontal installation V_Selekta_3 (selekta)

Vertical installation (selekta)

Horizontal installation in ship composite (selekta)

Horizontal installation V_Selekta_3 (selekta)

Diagonal installation  (selekta)


selekta aluminium


Profile width

Covering width


Profile length

Covering length

Material usage/m2

Fire rating





155mm (+1/-2mm)

19 mm


max. 5.400mm






172 mm

155 mm (+1/-2 mm)

19 mm

5480 mm

max. 5440 mm

6,45 lfm


decor coated

8,1 kg