Paper plugs

Key Benefits

  • Two material versions
  • Robust, dimensionally stable
  • Precise fit, even load distribution
  • Simplified warehouse organisation and costs thanks to fewer types
  • Stable tube – no deformation
  • Optimal protection during transport
  • High delivery capacity
  • Orders can be filled directly from the warehouse
Papierspunde -
Small parts with a huge effect

As connecting elements between the machine and the paper roll, plugs help ensure smooth winding of paper sheets. They also support the stability of the tube and prevent deformation of the paper roll – even during transport. WERZALIT plugs are also available with a moulded-on nose. These allow a tighter fit as well as more even load distribution and cover the tolerances specified according to DIN standards. This reduces the number of types to simplify the warehouse organisation and save money.

Plugs of moulded particle wood

Plugs of moulded particle wood are an inexpensive alternative to plastic. Produced from fresh, domestic thinning timber and PEFC-certified, they are compression-moulded in a single piece according to a patented WERZALIT process. They offer impressive precision, stability and strength.

Plugs of S2 wood-polymer composite (WPC)

The robust and durable plugs of S2 wood-polymer composite (WPC) combine the advantages of wood and plastic. Exceptionally true dimensions, high stability and strength are accompanied by very long part lifetimes.

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