Discover the 3rd dimension

The milano long and short profiles with their bevelled side edges lend themselves to openness in design. They give the balcony a modern, light look and at the same time protect it from prying eyes. The low-maintenance aluminium guarantees stability and durability.

Uni Collection

710 pure white
pure white 710
735 fall grey
fall grey 735
703 moonlight grey
moonlight grey 703
714 hazel brown
hazel brown 714

Wood Collection

757 mountain pine
mountain pine 757
754 cedar
cedar 754
751 balau
balau 751
758 african ebony
african ebony 758

milano 185

Width 185 mm

Thickness 21 mm

Standard length 6 m




The cut edges can be fitted with a cover panel (fastening screw 3.9 x 9.5), a cover bracket 30/20 or edge profile B.



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