A facade is for generations

Key Benefits

  • Natural wood look
  • Weatherproof
  • Long lifetime
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 100 Percent Recyclable
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Our materials

WERZALIT/selekta is a patented wood-based material and consists of fresh wood, mainly beech and pine. The chips are compressed together with resins under great pressure and heat. A large selection of surface decor is available, suitable for all façades.
ALUMINIUM/selekta is an extruded aluminium profile that can be coated in a powder coating process in a choice of 4 wood decor versions or a virtually unlimited selection of colours. Aluminium has been used with excellent results in façades for many decades now.
HPL/square is a laminated board that is pressed out of kraft paper soaked in resins under high heat and pressure. The laminate panels can be supplied in very large areas and in many different decor designs. 

Werzalit climate

WERZALIT façade systems protect buildings by acting as a a rain screen, ventilated façade. This keeps the façade dry, which guarantees a long service life.

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More durable than ever

With the help of innovative materials, WERZALIT offers consistently beautiful low-maintenance façades. All materials are resistant to moisture, heat, mechanical stress and insects – ideal for outdoor use. The façade profiles come with many different surfaces. The well-known decor panel consists of decor papers with a UV layer or a reliable Renolit brand vinyl film. The aluminium profiles are powder coated.

clear lines in a natural look

selekta WERZALIT®

With selekta WERZALIT®you can design the exterior walls of houses with individuality and personality. The façade profiles offer almost unlimited design options.

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thousands of color options

selekta Aluminium

selekta Aluminium offers all the advantages of selekta WERZALIT® and is also a real color wonder. Aluminum has been a tried and tested material for facades for many decades and is also non-flammable.


Large areas for grand architecture


square is an excellent choice for achieving interesting designs over large areas. The HPL façade panel gives the designer infinite options.