Easy assembly

Easy Assembly

A terrace is fun

Key Benefits

  • The substructure supports are made of WPC or aluminium, the clip system is simply screwed to the supports
  • End strips to cover the supporting structure are available to match the colours of the decking
  • Shims for height differences are also available

WERZALIT supplies everything needed to manufacture excellent substructure characteristics and assemble the deck planks. The SunDeck fastening system contains all fixtures required for assembly. It is so well thought out that it reduces the usual assembly time for decking by 50%.

End strips for the sides of the SunDeck terrace. The same material as the SunDeck terrace boards 90 x 15 x 2000 mm – Leno / Sand Plus on both sides

Profiles 137 mm wide
Decking 7,25 pcs./m2
Brackets with screws 20 piece
Substructure 2,8 pcs./m2
Profiles 195 mm wide
Decking 5 pcs./m2
Brackets with screws 14 piece
Substructure 2,8 pcs./m2