10 & 12 mm edge thickness
outdoor and indoor

Key Benefits

  • Weatherproof as well as UV and heat resistant
  • Diverse decors, sizes and strengths
  • Easy-care, scratch and impact resistant
  • Safe in contact with food
  • 5 year guarantee

The versatility of both Werzalit’s Carino line and the material HPL have proven themselves over many years. Like all tabletops from Werzalit, Carino also stands out with its ecological awareness and extreme durability. At the same time, it is flame retardant and easy to maintain. In addition, table tops are hygienically risk-free when in contact with food. Werzalit’s fastening system enables easy installation on all standard bases. Therefore this combination of options can be used in almost all areas.

Uni Collection

dark grey

Wood Collection

palisade white
ponderosa white
findus grey
beech plank
oak white washed
ponderosa grey
palisade grey
oak antique
kbana red
blanchas red
ex works

Stone Collection

rust brawn
tempera silver

Pre-milled grooves

The protected fastening system with pre-milled grooves for the underside of the table top can be ordered for an additional charge. It allows table tops to be mounted on all commercially available column table frames without drilling.

Eco-Fix system

With the EcoFix method you can fix all frames with just screws in the grooves. No extra drilling required. 10mm Carino table tops can only be attached with EcoFix.

Screw connection with sleeves

Carino table tops can be supplied with sleeves for easy screwing at an additional cost. For the exact  position of the sleeves, a drawing of the table top frame with the position of the mounting holes is necessary.

Werzalit products are made from an extremely resilient, durable material that has been tried and tested millions of times. They are designed to be impact, heat and UV resistant. We have put together a few simple care tips so that you can continue to enjoy Werzalit products for a long, long time:

  • Werzalit surfaces do not have to be painted.
  • Simply use water with a little washing-up liquid for cleaning. Alcohol-based cleaning agents are also harmless.
  • Avoid abrasives or scouring agents. They cause surfaces to lose their shine.
  • To prevent water from collecting on the inside through the edges – e.g. rain – store the tables either upright or upside down.
  • Use bright decors if your tables are permanently exposed to the blazing sun..