A Comprehensive Overview to make your day-to-day work easier

For each individual WERZALIT product, we offer you a detailed service description for download. It contains all the requirements you need for a tender. Just print it out and fill it out!


Modula 400

Milano / Roma

Square Cladding Panels

Window Sills

Exclusive / Exclusive-iris

Compact / Compact-iris

Leasill 55 / Leasill 66


Heritage, Selekta, Heritage-selekta

Square glued on aluminum UK

Screwed square on wooden substructure

Selekta-al on aluminum UK

Floorings Terraced

Terraza Profile

Terraza Cassette

Terraza Bz Profile

Paseo Profile

Entero 2.0 / Entero plus 2.0 Profile

Tolero Profile