WERZALIT is one of the leading european companies for innovative wood material components and industrial molded wood and wood plastic parts.

WERZALIT offers individual solutions made of high-quality wood-based materials worldwide. The product range includes facade and balcony elements, window sills and patio coverings, table tops for outdoor use and high-quality beech-wood slats as well as industrial molded parts. Plywood slats for slatted frames are supplied to bed manufacturers as suppliers of industrial products; Semi-finished products such as plywood and veneers as well as chipboard cores for office chairs are also part of the production program. The latest product category for the construction and industrial sector is the S2 wood-polymer material.

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In 1923, Jacob Friedrich Werz founded a small gluten glue production facility in Goppingen to supply local joiners and plywood companies. In 1941, he took over the operation of a previous glue customer in Oberstenfeld, Ludwigsburg district, who produced deformed plywood (chair seats and backrests, plywood housing for the German radio and phono industry, etc.). From the mid-1950s, a completely new process was developed, the later patented WERZALIT process, in which ready-made tables, serving trays, wall panelling panels and the like were made from finely machined wood, synthetic resin glue and additives. Parts are manufactured – the birth of WERZALIT wood-based materials.

WERZALIT gradually becomes the material name, the name of the process and the company name. The production know-how of the WERZALIT process is underpinned by a large number of patents. Over time, the process is also licensed at home and abroad.

• Martin Troyer (Chairman)
• Pascal Schuster (Sales)
• Josef Lienharter (Operation)

The most important raw material for products from WERZALIT is wood. In Germany, Industrial Wood is used that comes from forests within a narrow radius of less than 100 Kilometers. The environmental managers in the house make sure that the wood suppliers are exclusively PEFC or FSC certified Forestries. PEFC – ‘Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’. (Forest Certification Scheme Recognition Program) is an independent non-governmental non-profit Organization. It works worldwide for the evaluation and mutual recognition of national forest certification programs. FSC – Forest Stewardship Counsil is also a world wide non profit organization like PEFC

Economic, Ecological and Social Standards

Forest certification can only be successful if PEFC certified wood reaches the end user. This also requires certification of the timber industry in the product chain. WERZALIT has been cooperating with certified forest companies for years. The primary objective of PEFC is the documentation and improvement of sustainable forest management with regard to economic, ecological and social standards.

Safety for Responsible Action

The PEFC certificate gives buyers of wood products the assurance that manufacturers are promoting the sustainable management of forests through their actions. It identifies WERZALIT as a responsible and ecologically acting manufacturer.

Energy Efficiency through Energy Management

Since the founding of WERZALIT, as a manufacturer of high-quality and durable products made from wood-based materials, we have been committed to the concept of sustainability and resource conservation. This is expressed not least by our slogan “Resistant Nice”.

All German WERZALIT locations have been certified according to ISO 50001 since 2011 and have systematic energy management. The instruments of the introduced energy management system enable a continuous and systematic analysis and assessment of energy saving potential in the production processes and in the administration. By defining energy indicators, environmentally relevant savings measures are specifically controlled and Organizational processes are Optimized. The energy management system, as a process of continuous improvement, helps to increase energy efficiency at all sites. In this way we secure the existence of our company and contribute to the maintenance of an environment worth living in.

  • Local wood purchasing from sustainable forestry
  • Avoidance of transport routes
  • Energy-conscious procurement of machines, plants, facilities and raw materials
  • Economical consumption of electrical energy in production processes
  • CO2 – Neutral generation of thermal energy from residues of the production as well as energy generation from purchased wood chips
  • Consideration of energy efficiency in all processes
  • Continuous analysis and reduction of the consumption of heat and electrical energy
  • Continuous Optimization processes at all levels of energy use
  • Continuous employee training in the areas of energy efficiency
  • Conduct annual internal audits.

By adhering to consistent energy management guidelines, WERZALIT is particularly energy efficient, helping to maintain a livable environment. You can find more about energy management on the right under Downloads or in the Download Area under Company.

WERZALIT  uses Modern Materials with Extremely Positive Material Properties – from Durability to Environmental Friendliness.

Made for a Long Life

WERZALIT materials pass extreme endurance tests such as swelling tests and tests for paint removal resistance during ongoing production. In special climatic chambers, the material is subjected to a wide range of influences and climatic fluctuations between -20°C and +70°C. For example, test facades have been defying wind and weather on the WERZALIT test fields for 30 years. WERZALIT facade profiles have even been tested for seismic safety.

WERZALIT Wood-Based Panels

The proven WERZALIT wood-based material is used in our balcony and facade profiles, window sills and table tops. A patented manufacturing process combines the natural properties of wood with the resistance of high-quality resins. The coating is permanently bonded to the highly compressed wood material.

S2  Wood-Polymer Material (WPC)

Terrace products are made from the S2 wood polymer material (WPC). With S2 WERZALIT has developed a material that combines the advantages of wood and plastic. It is as easy to work with as wood and is at the same time as malleable or flowable as thermoplastic. The extrusion and injection molding technology previously reserved for plastics is also used for wood at S2. S2 has a distinctive fiber structure made from colored polymer and wood fibers.

Laminated Plates

WERZALIT balcony cladding panels consist of several cellulose sheets that are impregnated with resin and pressed into a homogeneous panel. The core tracks give it the stamina necessary for further processing. The decor paper soaked with melamine resin, one of the hardest resins, and the transparent overlay form an indestructible surface. The structure of the panel is precisely matched to use as facade and balcony cladding.

Company Datas
• Founded in 1923
• 450 Employees
• Group Turnover in 2019 Euro 50 Million

Central Administration Headquarters
71720 Oberstenfeld
Gronauer Straße 70, Germany

• 37355 Niederorschel (Thuringia)
• 17300 Rochefort (France)
• 305500 Lugoj (Romania)

Sales Orientation

Managing Directors
• Martin Troyer (Chairman)
• Pascal Schuster (Sales)
• Josef Lienharter (Operation)

2011: “WPC Innovation Award”

WERZALIT took 3rd place in the competition for the WPC Innovation Award during the Fourth German WPC Congress.
More about the Innovation Award


Caritas and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg awarded WERZALIT the title “SOCIAL ENGAGED 2011” within the framework of the SME Corporate Social Responsibility Award.


2009: “The TOP 10”

The Fiori decor from the table top series scena Arte was awarded the innovation award “The TOP 10”.

To the table top scena Arte


Caritas and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg awarded WERZALIT the title “SOCIAL ENGAGED 2009” as part of the SME Corporate Social Responsibility Award.


2008: “Product of the Year”

The terraza terrace cassette was awarded “product of the year” by Pro-K in 2008.

2008: “Focus Green”

The terraza terrace cassette was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Design and Innovation Award in 2008.

2005: “Focus know-how”

The terraza terrace profile was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Design and Innovation Award in 2005.

Choice and Discontinued Models

In our factory sales, we offer you second choice products and discontinued models at discounted prices. The type and scope of the offer depends on the conditions in the production: Whenever a second choice product is due to production, we have the corresponding items ready for you in the factory outlet. Unfortunately, we can not give you any information about the current offer by phone, e-mail, etc. Please get an overview personally in our sales rooms.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Note : Since 29/04/2019 the factory outlet in Oberstenfeld has not opened on Mondays.


Address: Gronauer Straße 70
71720 Oberstenfeld
Telephone: +49 (0) 70 62/50 – 184

Opening Hours:
Monday + Tuesday + Friday: Closed
Wednesday + Thursday: 09:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00

Niederorschel (table tops only)

Address:  Bahnhofstrasse 27
37355 Niederorschel

Telephone: +49 (0) 36 076/48 – 141
Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 14.00 – 16.00
Friday:10:00 – 12:00


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